Where can I get a coupon?

Sign up for the newsletter on our homepage. If after you sign up you don't receive it, you can email us at shop@spokanediscount.com and we will forward you a link. We encourage you to bring the coupons with you as we do not have them available at the stores. We also run different ads in the Spokesman Review occasionally.

How often do you run coupons?

We send out coupons every Monday in our newsletter. Coupon items will vary from week to week.

Where do you get your Merchandise from?

We receive merchandise from 30 or more stores all over the United States.

How come there are varying prices for the same item?

Due to the numerous stores and costs, prices may vary even on an identical item. If we get it cheaper - so do you.

Is everything "price as marked"?

No, Clothing is always at least 50% off marked price. We also run many specials throughout the store with deals on certain month codes. Be sure to read the signs on the door and posted throughout the store.

What is a month code and what does it mean?

The "179" is the month code. This is a code we use for inventory purposes.The exact same item may be next to it with a higher month code and may not be on sale. If an item has no price tag, the month code with be the newest month code and most likely will not be on sale.

How often do you receive merchandise in your stores?

Our Stores receive multiple deliveries of merchandise 5 days a week. There is new merchandise being stocked daily.

Does each store carry the same merchandise?

No, due to the variety of merchandise that we receive and distribute, it is impossible to ensure that both stores will carry the same merchandise at all times. We encourage you to visit both stores to take full advantage of the great deals Spokane Discount has to offer.

Is there any way to check to see if you have an item in stock?

Yes, Customers are welcome to call our stores to do an item check.

I've seen an item in your store that I wanted to buy, but couldn't purchase it at that time. When I returned it was gone. Will you get another?

Some of the items you will see in our stores are one of a kind items that we may never receive again. If you see something in our stores that you would like to own, we encourage you to purchase it at that time. Merchandise sells quickly at Spokane Discount and there's no guarantee that when you return, the item will still be there.

I've seen an item in your store that I wanted to buy, can you hold it for me until I can purchase it?

To be fair to all customers, we do not hold any item that is not yet paid for.

I sometimes see damaged or missing items. Why do you sell these?

We feel that many of these items still have great value to our customers, even if damaged or missing pieces. Usually this merchandise will be marked down to account for the missing pieces.

If I purchase a large item that will not fit in my vehicle, can I come back and pick it up at a later time?

Spokane Discount will hold a purchased item for a maximum of 5 days.

Can you help me load a large item into my vehicle?

We can help load a large item onto your vehicle but we are not liable for damage to the item or vehicle. Due to insurance restrictions we can no longer assist in the loading of tv's

What is Spokane DIscount's refund Policy?

Appliances and electronics have a 30 day exchange or in-store credit. Your item may be a one-of-a-kind item or the only one at that price, in which case we will issue an in-store credit.

1,3 & 5 year extended warranties are also available for purchase.

Clothing and general merchandise are sold as-is and is not subject to refund or exchange. Please inspect or try on these items before purchasing.

What credit cards do you take?

Visa, Master Card and Discover Card (Debit and Credit)

Who do I talk to if I have an issue?

You can call or stop by one of our stores and ask for one of the Store Managers and they will be happy to assist you.